Friday, October 24, 2008

WebApp Debugging Tips and Tricks

This is a potpourri of tips and tricks for debugging web applications. Stuff I have come across and want to archive. Enjoy.

Viewing Browser Source Code
[IE7: x FFn: ?]
Some applications create 'popup' windows whose menu bar has been hidden. To view the source for these windows, simply press Shift+F10 and select the 'View Source' menu item.

Eclipse : Tomcat
  1. I was "converting" an Eclipse "Java application" to an Eclipse "Dynamic Web Project" (see note 1 below) and I kept getting something like 'cannot resolve type struts.[*]' (unfortunately I did not copy it before I solved it). I am not *exactly* sure what was wrong but I finally went to the Tomcat management console and chose to 'reload' the offending application. Voila... it worked thereafter. This project environment was using the Tomcat plugin. Maybe choosing 'Reload Context' from within the IDE might have worked also?
Note 1: The short version of this longer story is to create a new/empty 'Dynamic Web Project'. Then, it will create various Eclipse files within (app)/.settings. Copy these files to your existing application/.settings directory and make a few minor changes within.

Thread dump: kill -3 processid on Unix, Ctrl-Break in a console in Windows